Zina G Palin Bevel AKA Sister Dobong is a world re-know spiritual healer and adviser that has helped people with their problems for over 30 years. She broadcasts on KINGANDQUEENRADIO , BROOKLYNSTATION and 93.5FM Thursdays 1-5AM and Tuesdays 1-2AM

DJ INEL – An aspiring DJ from the region Heilbronn!

The name INEL stands for a young DJ, who has been passionate about music since his 12th year of life, and with the hottest club tunes from house to hip hop to mashups inspire his audience.

INEL started with a small mixing console before taking professional DJ lessons at the PAN-DJ school in Stuttgart. After only half a year he had the opportunity to prove his skills at a club in his talent

DJ SHiNEONE is a young and talented DJ that has an incredibly diversified and unique style when he mixes . His main focus is exposing the similarities in music from different cultures and genres worldwide. Live Fridays and Saturdays 7PM – 8PM


I’m a music lover. The call to music came at age 5 with music school. Piano Lessons. My love for “Hip Hop” came at the point of progression from elementary school into junior high and shortly thereafter I began to play electronic keyboards. The feeling of creativity and inspiration occurred at age 16 with my first original track. I have always collected cassettes and cds from that point forward entertaining mixtapes sold and entertaining others with loud music from big speakers.

DJ BELLY Born in The Bronx then Moved To Florida where he began to do mixtapes and dj in clubs and doing radio all over the state. HE has opened up for many artist. You can hear him Monday – Friday 4-6 pm