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I’m a music lover. The call to music came at age 5 with music school. Piano Lessons. My love for “Hip Hop” came at the point of progression from elementary school into junior high and shortly thereafter I began to play electronic keyboards. The feeling of creativity and inspiration occured at age 16 with my first original track. I have always collected cassettes and cds from that point foward entertaining mixtapes sold and entertaining others with loud music from big speakers.

Fast forwarding into the present it’s fair to say that my calling has caught up to real life and real life has caught up to my calling. My abilities and talents have ripened into radio ready professionalism, and in more detail has ripened into the rhythm of the vibe of house music. Richly have my efforts been exercised as well, as DJ, and CO-Host on 93.5fm kingandqueenradio show from 2010-2014.The dimensions of my groove stem from what I call the “wine room” which is funk disco, soul ballad classics, 80’s hits, R&B classics and love songs and this is the heart of the elements of my musicality. I am a dj, artist, musician, producer, and music lover geared skilled experienced and ready to stand at the forefront of all things wild rhythmic and open to parties friends and the nightlife.

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